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Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving from Charisma towards Integrity

You have spent a career climbing the leadership ladder.  Through your experiences and careful research, you have discovered a consistent pattern of behaviors predicting the potential of great success in a Leader. I call these twelve behaviors and characteristics the style of a Rare Leader™.
Since January, we have “dug deep” into the behaviors of Vision and Charisma.  Let’s probe a bit deeper into the next behavior.  Character, or Integrity as some of you have been calling it, will be our next topic beginning in March.  
Thanks for your many comments about Charisma and Vision.  I look forward to your comments, e-mails, tweets, and phone calls about Integrity in the Rare Leader™.  
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If you are new, perhaps you might enjoy starting at the beginning.  Click the archives and look for Vision under January, and “read up”  Please post your comments.  I invite you to actively participate.  I'd also appreciate your inviting friends to follow our discussions and contribute as they wish.
Welcome, I hope you enjoy your journey discovering the 12 behaviors and characteristics of the Rare Leader™ 
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