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Monday, February 1, 2010


The Rare Leader will display a winsome quality causing people to like, respect, and emulate, while displaying a deep attitude of who he or she is, what they’re about, and where they’re going.  
The Rare Leader should gain energy from trusting beliefs that appear natural, giving a high expectation of others while radiating hope, concern, confidence, love, excitement, etc.
Are you able to adopt some techniques to increase your own Charisma? suggests you can focus on mirroring, remembering names, being interested in others, allowing others to talk, an intention for interaction, offering to help, smile, and being authentic.
Conger and Kanungo in their book Charismatic Leadership in Organizations, feel that charismatic leadership has blossomed.  We have gone beyond theory into a practical application.  Studies by Shamir, House, and Arthur (1993), Agle & Sonnenfeld (1994), and others found that Leaders who are perceived as Charismatic receive higher performance ratings, and are seen as more effective Leaders.
Nick Morgan in his book Trust Me: Four Steps To Authenticity and Charisma, speaks to the powerful combination of authenticity and charisma, passionately using verbal and non verbal conversations and connections, to listen, to read others, and to be persuasive.
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