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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Achievement Drive - Is there some Mozart within you?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who has this unmatched passion and drive to succeed at what they set out to do?  Don’t you look at them and feel this huge “aha” moment, and wish it were you?  We typically apply this to a high achieving athlete, such as an NFL quarterback capping a long drive with a touchdown, the top ranked tennis player at the Open winning on a tiebreaker, or the basketball player, who during a time out huddle in overtime says to the coach...”give me the ball, I will score”....and they do, and he does.
From somewhere deep inside, these gifted athletes draw upon a strong quality enabling them to step up and deliver.  We tend to look at them as “at the moment performers”.  When they need to turn it on, they can.  But what we athletic mortals do not understand, is that they do not turn this high achievement drive on and off.    They will tell you they are ON, all the time.
My father, who was a gifted musician always spoke of that “Mozart within us”.  He believed that all of us have been given the gift from God to be just like Mozart at something.  You might know, that Mozart as a five year old wrote his first composition, Andante in C.  We might think of outstanding, once in a lifetime athletes as having found their Mozart.  Maybe it is so evident because they take their gift a bit more public as evidenced in their high achievement drive to succeed.
Have you found your own Mozart within you?
If you were a Mozart at athletics, we would know who you are.    However, maybe you have a Mozart gift giving you the ability to lead.  If you are a Rare Leader™ I suspect you have found a bit of that Mozart within you.  Why not “be like Mike”, and ask for the ball and Lead others.  Show everyone you have the same High Achievement Drive to succeed in leading an organization, and in leading other successful people.
As a Rare Leader™, you must show you have the ability and energy to release a strong commitment and persistence from within.  This is only possible when you have goal clarity supporting your need to achieve.  This is driven from an unrest - to push, prod, and motivate others, taking decisive action.
  1. Do you believe there is a Mozart in all of us?
  2. Are you a Leader who “wants the ball”?
  3. Do you feel you have High Achievement Drive?
  4. Can you release a strong commitment and persistence from within?
  5. Is your need to achieve guided by goal clarity?
  6. Are you driven to push, prod, and motivate others to take decisive action?
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