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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking Ownership

The Rare Leader™ willingly takes an initiative and acceptance of accountability, using intelligence and an enterprising attitude to figure out “how” to do it without being told.
F. John Reh writes in "Take Ownership of Your Job" , “Being passionate about your job is more than the old adage "do what you love". It's looking forward to going to work. It's time flying by when you're there. It's working past quitting time, not because you're swamped with work, but because you were so intent you didn't notice the time.
When you are passionate about what you do for a living you enjoy it more. You also do it better. You are more committed to the success of the operation if you believe in it passionately.”
Accepting responsibility for your own actions is simply not enough.  Taking Ownership combines responsibility with passion.  In fact, being passionate about your job as a leader almost eliminates the need to discuss responsibility.  Responsibility seems to invoke a forced action.  When you are passionate about leading, taking responsibility for your actions comes naturally.  It is...Taking Ownership in leading others.
Taking Ownership of your actions as a Leader matter! 
Do you naturally, and with passion:
  • Accept responsibility as a leader?
  • Accept that you are responsible for the choices you make?
  • Accept that you are responsible for how you feel?
  • Accept that you are responsible for what you think?
  • Accept that you are responsible for what you do?
  • Accept that you are responsible for the goals, direction and vision for your life?
  • Accept that you cannot blame others for the decisions you have made?
  • Accept that you are responsible for who you are?
  • Accept that you are responsible to initiate change?

Leaders, more than anyone else, need to Take Ownership...with passion...Do you?  
This is what helps to make you a Rare Leader™
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