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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Passion is...

Ready, set, go.  Everybody have their list in front of them?  who wants to go first?  Ok, go ahead...define passion.  Hmmm...That’s what I thought.  When you really have to put it down on paper, or describe it to a group, it’s not that easy is it?
That happened to me as I sat down to write about Passion.  When I think about defining Passion as I am driving, or getting ready to start my day, I can see it so clearly I can almost taste it.  Passion.  But when I sit down and attempt to put pen to paper, I get writers cramp or something else that gives me pause.
You are probably like me.  When you see someone who is Passionate about something, you can tell.  No one has to say “Wow, that Pastor Gable is so passionate about the word of God when he preaches”.  If you were to have dinner with Bud Selig as I did, you can tell the commisioner is very Passionate about baseball.  Even my five year old grandson Mason gets passionate about things in his young life that matter so dearly to him.  
So how do you define Passion?  The answer is that you don’t.  Thats the wonderful thing about it.  When you meet someone who has Passion, it doesn’t require definition.  It is so obvious, because it comes so easy and naturally to the person you have observed.
When a Leader Takes Ownership with Passion, it is no secret.  We can all see the obvious.
Think about the other side.  Some people approach their role as a leader with pain.  It hurts to watch them, let alone actually work for them.  They simply don’t care.  When it’s crunch time, they hope somebody else will step up and make it happen.  Goals are not met, no one is held accountable, sales suffer, good employees leave, and still, the leader without Passion takes no responsibility to assure success.
Taking Ownership of assuring success combines responsibility with passion.  Being passionate about your job as a leader almost eliminates the need to discuss responsibility.  That’s why Passion is so important when the Rare Leader Takes Ownership.
When John Gable preaches with Passion, it is because he has prepared, he believes he has been called, and he actually loves what he does.  Bud Selig has loved baseball all his life.  He invested his own money to buy a professional team.  He knows why baseball is Americas past time.  
They are passionate because this is “their Mozart”.  Thats what my dad called it.  He was a classically trained musician.  He was certain God created something very special and unique for every individual.  How else could Mozart compose his first composition, Andante in C, at age five?  Unfortunately, not everyone finds it.  But when they do find that Mozart in themselves, they Take Ownership with Passion.
What is the Mozart in you?  Is Leading organizations and people touch that Mozart in you?  If so, then Take Ownership of Leading, and do it with Passion.    
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