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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do you see?

I have had some great reaction to my work with people about the concepts of the Rare Leader™.  Lately with this focus on Vision, some people have really opened their eyes.  

When I ask a business owner, "what is your Vision for this company", a quick response may be "I want to increase sales by 25%", or," I expect we will launch a new flagship product within 3 years".  An initial reaction to the question of Vision typically brings on this type of answer.  When I explain these are admirable goals, but I'd really be interested in their Vision, they look perplexed.  "Well, they say...increasing sales, now theres my vision".  

When I ask them, how do you see the world around you changing, and where can you intersect in that journey of change that gives you an opportunity to achieve the kind of goal you set to increase sales, their eyes finally light up. Rare Leaders™ give real thought to the values, ideas and activities they're most passionate about.  Rare Leaders™ are able to look for trends, subtle changes, and nuances that tells them where this world is going...and those are the things they make a commitment to pursue.  Those things are their Vision.  Vision in a Rare Leader™ is not only the sight that others do not have, but its the passion to believe in it, the ability to see it clearly, and the self imposed involuntary obligation to get there.

I love to take time away to hunt with my best friend Cliff.  I am amazed what he can see.  We may be driving down the road, or walking in the woods, and he will see an animal that was not visible to me at all.  I have come to realize, his vision in the wild is different than mine.  Not in a measured 20/20 sense, but in a practical sense...he gets it.  He knows what to look for.  He knows the signs.  He knows the conditions that make the opportunity optimal.  He is focused.  He sees things in the wild that others just plainly do not see.  

It is the same with a Rare Leader™ who leads great people and who leads great organizations.  They see the possibilities differently than others.  Their passion and commitment to what they see makes this Vision become both visible and attainable for others around them.  Just as when I go hunting with Cliff.  I may not initially see the same activity in the woods he does. But he loves to take me on the journey with him, and he is truly excited when I too, can finally see what he found.  

The Rare Leader™ does the same when leading people to see what they see, to set goals and projects to get there, and to share in a celebration of success together. That is a Rare Leader™ who has Vision. 

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